Providing the pathway to sustainable agriculture

SOSBio is leading the development of efficient commercial fertilisers for environmentally friendly agriculture that are backed by fundamental scientific research.

Our aim is to provide eco-friendly fertilisers which are more efficient than traditional chemicals.

[Q4 2018 – Successful Sweet Potato Harvest – Bundaberg, QLD]

Combining the best aspects of organic and conventional fertilisers

Organic fertilisers

Traditional Organic Fertilisers

Current organic fertilisers are good for the environment, but they lack efficiency.

Chemical fertilisers

Traditional Chemical Fertilisers

Chemical fertilisers are efficient, but they contaminate soil and water.

The best of organic and chemical fertilisers

SOSBio Products

Natural solutions which combine benefits of organic and traditional fertilisers and are good for soil health and the environment.

Healthier plants, healthier people and a healthier planet.

Where is SOSBio innovating?

SOSBio has developed a compelling range of products to future proof the world’s crop production.

How are SOSBIO innovating in this space?

SOSBIO is developing new technologies and microbial enhancers in organic fertilisers as we believe this space represents the greatest opportunity to guarantee sustainable food production around the world.

Demonstrating that commercial and environmental goals can be symbiotic

Helping to enhance soil health, and microbial ecosystems for growers at all scales

Facilitating environmental improvement due to reduced leaching and contamination of waterways

Delivering upscaled production and yields by making more nutrients available to the plant

Increasing food availability to ever-expanding human population

Satisfying consumers with flavoursome, wholesome, healthy crops and produce

Ensuring more efficient use of land and space via better growing standards

Reducing requirements for pesticides through natural resistance to disease

Who is SOSBio?

SOSBio is a Brisbane-based team of microbiologists, plant scientists, chemists and engineers working in conjunction with international specialists.

Our aim is to enable more production of healthy, affordable and organic food through new technologies.

The future of farming will combine crop productivity and ecosystem health

Our products are redefining farming


A unique pellet with adaptive nutrient release that promotes significant soil health improvements and visibly healthier plants

  • Certified organic input
  • Long-term soil improvement
  • Faster growth, higher yields, and healthier plants
  • Improved resistance to pathogens

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High performance fertiliser optimised for large scale agricultural production

  • Organic matter with high carbon content and micro-elements
  • Improved resistance to pathogens
  • Minimal nutrient loss
  • Restoring soil health

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The new frontier in liquid fertiliser technology for commercial or at-home hydroponic growers.

  • Supplies all the richness of healthy, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Nutrients, carbon, natural sugars, growth-promoters
  • Easy to use and available in bulk as well as in 1 kg to 25 kg bottles

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We’re helping to grow champions of industry.

Our aim is to enable a pathway for more production of healthy, organic and affordable food through new technologies. We hope you become part of this journey with us.

Dr Nikolai Kinaev


We’re all in this together

Our multidisciplinary R&D team with vast experience in microbiology, plant science, chemistry and engineering has delivered breakthrough results across the full plant growth cycle — validated by independent experts.