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What We Do

SOSBio has developed a new generation of high-performing organic fertilisers, which enable high crop yields, improved soil health, reduced nutrient runoff, and ultimately: affordable, healthy organic food. 

Our products are for Hydroponics, Greenhouse, and Broadfield farming methods, with benefits across the entire plant maturity cycle: from seed germination to seedling growth to full plant maturity. Check out our new product range!



The Science

SOSBio products are backed by fundamental scientific research, and developed for use in existing agriculture practice.

Our multidisciplinary R&D team with vast experience in microbiology, plant science, chemistry, and engineering has delivered breakthrough results across the full plant growth cycle – validated by independent experts. Meet the SOSBio Team!

Each product ingredient has been carefully selected to deliver compelling crop yield, economic, and environmental benefits to growers.

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SOSBio To Embark on Joint Biofertilizer Project With Russian Far Eastern Federal University

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and Sustainable Organic Solutions (SOSBio Australia) have agreed on a joint project on the use of brown coal for the production of organic fertilizers. According to Alexey Belov, the Assistant Professor, Department of Mining and...
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SOSBio Commencing Field-Scale Demonstrations in Bundaberg

After months of small-scale trials, SOSBio is ready to roll-out this revolutionary technology on the broad-field. Precommercial demonstrations of SOSBio-backed sugarcane begin November 2016. Multiple other crop-varieties being rolled-out soon. Stay tuned!
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Companies We are Partnering With

Bundaberg Sugar

We are happy to partner with Bundaberg Sugar in our sugarcane field trials and pre-commercial demonstrations, starting in October 2016.


Wilmar and SOSBio will begin collaboration in mid-2017. 


Agritechnology Pty Ltd is manufacturing advanced microbial components for our fertiliser systems. 

SOSBio is ready to deliver immense value to Existing Fertiliser Producers, and to Farmers directly.

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