We’re transforming agricultural production for the better

It’s time to make a change for good!

Our goal is to champion sustainable agriculture by developing world-class products that supercharge growth and work in harmony with the environment.

Our Mission

We are passionate about bringing scientifically-backed organic products to agriculture. We value employing evidence-based research using scientific methods to develop better ways to grow plants.

Making an Impact

The world’s growing population and the health of our planet require solutions that change the paradigm. We strive to ‘shake the snow globe’ of ingrained thinking and habits that are not future-friendly.

Company Culture

We value the opportunity presented by advances in technology to develop products that ultimately lead to a healthier planet and healthier people.

SOSBio is a growing technology company, with a mission to provide the pathway to sustainable agriculture.

We are confident that the future in farming will combine both crop productivity and ecosystem health. SOSBio is actively developing technologies to make this possible.

SOSBio is leading the development of commercially-efficient fertilisers and microbial enhancers backed by fundamental scientific research for environmentally-friendly agriculture.

Our aim is to provide eco-friendly products which have higher efficacy than traditional chemicals, and at the same time improve the environment. SOSBio solutions are designed to restore damaged soils, decrease waterways contamination, and contribute to saving the Great Barrier Reef.

Innovating in the space of microbial additives and new generation organic fertilisers, SOSBio is commercialising a range of products ready for deployment to horticulture and broadacre growers, organic farms, and soilless culture greenhouses.

Collaboration with top Australian farmers and growers has led the development of agricultural products that naturally encourage vigorous growth and healthy plants.

Meet the Team

We are a team of Brisbane-based microbiologists, plant scientists, chemists and engineers working in conjunction with international specialists to develop products that growers (and plants) love.

Dr Nikolai Kinaev

Dr Nikolai Kinaev

Chief Executive Officer

PhD Engineering (University of Queensland), Master of Chemistry (Moscow State University).

Passionate about bringing together a fantastic team – and delivering scientifically-backed organic products to agriculture.

Andy Greig

Andy Greig

Lead Investor / Key Mentor

Founder & Director of ACAC Innovation.

Steve West

Steve West

Director - Global Markets

Background in Law, from The University of New South Whales.

Extensive international business experience with a focus on the South-East Asia and Oceania regions.

Dmitriy Kinaev

Dmitriy Kinaev

Lead Analyst / Product Manager

Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business

Quant/Designer: Developed Algorithms for US Hedge Fund, UX Design Expert, and Co-Founder of VenturePredict


A Brief History of SOSBio

Headed by CEO Dr Nikolai Kinaev, the multidisciplinary team of microbiologists, plant scientists, and chemists – was brought together in 2015 following a discovery of a new bacteria strain.

In 2016 ACAC Innovation has provided the company with seed capital (matched by Queensland Government Business Development Fund) – enabling the formation of SOSBio as a company.

Since then SOSBio has patented the bacteria for agriculture application, developed proprietary IP in innovate products and manufacturing of advanced fertiliser technologies including:

  • Microbial enhancers which increase nitrogen and other nutrient availability to the plant
  • High efficiency natural fertilisers – combining high yield and restoring damaged soils


  • A breakthrough 100% organic liquid fertiliser which will substitute chemicals used in current large-scale soilless culture operations – opening the opportunity for mainstream organic produce

The unlocked market potential for these products is validated by industry and supported by government – with the only current constraint being how much SOSBio can produce.

As SOSBio is beginning to grow sales and perform large scale trials, we are planning to raise funding to build our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to meet the current and future demand for these products.

The future of agriculture and our environment is becoming more and more promising with these breakthrough technologies. We hope you join us on our journey for a fruitful and sustainable future.

Flourish in partnership with SOSBio

We are currently securing partnerships with fertiliser manufacturers and with growers for commercial-scale demonstrations.