High Performing Registered Organic Farm Input

CropUp® is a unique pellet with adaptive nutrient release that promotes significant soil improvements and visibly healthier plants.


Discover how CropUp® makes organic farms thrive

Certified Organic Input

  • Certified Australian Registered Farm & Garden Input (Allowed input 12704)
  • Contains 100% organic matter (non-toxic and chemical-free)
  • Perfect for organic growers and those transitioning to organic production methods

New Generation, High Efficacy, 100% Natural Fertiliser

CropUp® is scientifically proven to increase growth rate and deliver higher yields on your organic farm

Grow Visibly Healthier Plants

  • Broad spectrum of nutrients, high carbon content, natural sugars, and growth promoters required for healthy plants.
  • Fast seedling growth followed by adaptive nutrient release of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and more, throughout the plant’s life cycle

Enjoy Long-Term Soil Improvement


  • All-in-one fertiliser and soil conditioner for long-term soil improvement
  • Supports the development of a rich rhizosphere by increasing microbial activity
  • Promotes nitrogen availability and assimilation of nutrients from air and soil

Increased Bioavailability

More than 70% of nitrogen is wasted in conventional fertilisers as runoff. CropUp’s low leaching, and adaptive release properties mean that most of the nutrients are delivered and are available — as the plant needs it.

CropUp® is suited to a broad range of horticultural, and garden crops – and performs well across different soil types

  • Certified organic farming input for growers of Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Flowers, Cabbages, Melons, and others
  • Suitable organic farming input for broadacre farming of Wheat, Sorghum, Rice, Potato, Corn, Rye, Oats, Barley, Legumes, Sugarcane, and others
  • Auto-balancing water-retention and draining, makes CropUp® ideally suited to multiple types of soil

“Collaboration with top Australian farmers and growers has led the development of agricultural products that naturally encourage vigorous growth and healthy plants.”


Treat your farm or garden to the ultimate in organic farming inputs

With broad crop suitability and high efficacy, CropUp is an excellent choice for organic growers to use at small and commercial scales.

High Performance

Faster growth, higher yields and healthier plants. CropUp® is a cost-effective, dry fertiliser that your plants (and your wallet) will fall in love with!

Fully Traceable

Fully compliant with regulatory requirements. CropUp® is traceable through quality control systems and external testing bodies.

Safe Input in Food Value Chain

CropUp® is validated by third party testing to be pathogen-safe. Best choice for organic growers and those wishing to transition to organic production.

Greater Efficiency

CropUp® requires fewer applications than other organic fertilisers and combines ingredients, so you can use one product instead of several. Save time and improve efficiency on your farm.

Supporting Growers to Change

We understand the huge investment and rewards of organic farming. Our sales agronomists can help you easily access information that you need to make decisions.

Locally Produced

SOSBio is Australian-owned,  operated and based in Brisbane. We’re a team of scientists educated in microbiology, plant science, chemistry, and engineering, who are focused on organic agribusiness.

CropUp® is designed to enable the production of healthy, organic, and affordable produce using new technologies.

Switch to a fertiliser that works in harmony with your plants and the environment