Treat your farm to a new strain of NPK fertiliser

Designed to make crops thrive and benefit the environment.

ecoNPK™ is a performance fertiliser optimised for large-scale agricultural production

ecoNPK™ fertiliser pellets incorporate a unique combination of amazing elements to ensure your plants thrive and your farm succeeds

  • Organic matter
  • Essential nutrients
  • Micro-elements
  • High carbon content (24%)
  • Natural sugars
  • Humates to stimulate plant growth.

By releasing its active components adaptively ecoNPK™ stimulates vigorous plant growth

(which means that it performs at levels typical of fertilisers with a much higher specification)

Realise Higher Growth Rates and Increased Crop Yields

  • Higher growth rate and yield by mass
  • Adaptive release function allows a boost of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium when it’s needed
  • Pellet held within a natural mineral, zeolite, for optimal growth profile and minimal nutrient loss

Raise Visibly Healthier, Stronger Plants

  • ecoNPK™ promotes microbial activity so more nutrients are available at the roots
  • Using ecoNPK™ your crops will have an improved resistance to pathogens

High performance fertilisers can be good for the environment too!

  • Using ecoNPK™ you will notice a significant decrease in nutrient loss and runoff
  • Unlike traditional inorganic fertilisers that deteriorate soil quality, ecoNPK™ nourishes the soil with high carbon and organic material
  • Fertiliser pellets promote nitrogen availability and assimilation of nutrients from air and soil
  • Delivers on the socially responsible farming practice demanded by consumers

A Complete Solution NPK Fertiliser

Start using an all-in-one product that combines multiple ingredients and requires fewer applications, saving you time and expense

Compared with conventional fertilisers ecoNPK™ is the ultimate choice for large horticulture operations. It is both natural and high-performing, meaning it delivers more nutrients to plants in one complete spectrum application — enhancing soil and protecting waterways

Suitable for a wide variety of crops

  • Growers of Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Flowers, Cabbages, Melons, and others
  • Broadfield farming of Wheat, Sorghum, Rice, Potato, Corn, Rye, Oats, Barley, Legumes, Sugarcane, and others
  • Balanced water-retention and draining, makes ecoNPK™ fertiliser pellets a perfect compliment to a range of soil types.

“ecoNPK™ has transformed production on my farm”

– Mr A Farmer

Economical and Ecological

Enhance your reputation for social responsibility
and as a high quality producer.

High Performance

Fast growth, higher yields and healthier plants. ecoNPK™ is as good as chemical fertilisers, but without the long-term environmental consequences.

Fully Traceable

No need to worry about compliance with regulatory requirements. ecoNPK™ is traceable through quality control systems and external testing bodies.

Low Leaching

Avoids wasteful nutrient leaching, delivering higher efficacy and reduces potential damage and pollution for the environment and waterways.

A complete solution

ecoNPK™ is an all-in-one product that combines multiple ingredients for fewer applications, improved time efficiency, and greater financial benefits.

Easy to substitute

We understand the huge investment and rewards of agriculture. Replacing your fertiliser with ecoNPK™ is simple because it’s compatible with existing machinery and agricultural practices.

Produced Locally

ecoNPK™ is developed and manufactured locally in Queensland Australia. Our products are designed with the environment in mind, from conception to your farm!

Start using an NPK fertiliser that works in harmony with your plants and the environment