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SOSBio is a smart way to invest money for your profit and better future of our planet.


Strong and dynamic sector of new generation fertilisers and microbial additives showing 15% of annual growth.

Government Support

Government implements strict policies to the farmers expecting them to reduce usage of chemical fertiliser and rates.

High Demand

Farmers are ready to switch to new environmentally-friendly inputs if there is no loss in efficacy.
SOSBio’s paradigm is to provide the smooth pathway to sustainable agriculture for farmers keeping the efficacy of new generation fertilisers at the level of traditional chemical ones.

We are developing and producing a range of organically certified and eco-friendly fertilisers – granulated and liquid with outstanding performance.

SOSBio introduced first of a kind organically certifiable liquid fertiliser for hydroponics.

Our microbial additives are designed to be used in fertiliser blends (both – chemical and organic) to increase their efficacy and apply in lower rates.

Patented bacteria with unique features is used in our seed treatment solutions and granulated natural mineral based additives.

Collaboration with Australian Government, top Australian and foreign universities, research institutes and multinational companies gives us an opportunity to conquer the market and stay above today’s leaders being Eco-friendly and Efficient at the same time.

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