Advanced organic liquid fertiliser for hydroponics and greenhouse industry

Liquisoil® is the next frontier in liquid fertiliser technology for commercial and hobby hydroponic growers — supplying plants all the value of healthy, nutrient-rich soil.

Liquisoil represents a compelling future for sustainable agriculture

Produce environmentally conscious, great tasting organic food — without soil

The organic formula includes an optimal combination of nutrients, carbon, natural sugars, and growth promoters required for healthy plant growth in vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, and more.

Liquisoil features a ground-breaking high performance formulation

Liquisoil is a carefully developed liquid fertiliser that is completely unlike chemical formulations and achieves outstanding results.
  • Naturally-derived spectrum of nutrients and trace microelements
  • Carbon, natural sugars and growth promoters
  • Composed of compost and humic matter
  • Formulated to emulate rich, healthy, plant-growth-promoting black soil.

100% Organic Input

  • Safe to use as an input in food chain
  • Derived from 100% organic matter
  • Unlike conventional hydroponic fertilisers – contains zero nutrient salts
  • Third-party tested: Pathogen-free

Grow wholesome quality organic produce using your soilless infrastructure

Environmentally Friendly

The same things that make Liquisoil great for your plants make it great for the environment too!

  • Made using organic byproducts
  • Does not contain chemically produced nutrient salts
  • No chemical additives or preservatives
  • Liquisoil does not harm the environment in the production, use, and disposal

Advanced Formulation

A nutritionally complete fertiliser product incorporating cutting-edge scientific knowledge of:

  • Plant physiology
  • Nutrient management
  • Hydroponic systems and practices

Liquisoil is a result of a long-term international collaboration effort, led by Dr Evgeny Sagulenko (Head of R&D). The team includes Dr Karin Taylor, Irina Kinaev, Professor Andrei V. Andreev, and Dr Nikolay Opanasyuk.

Commercial Hydroponics

Liquisoil is a brilliant alternative input for large-scale crops due to its:

  • Easy conversion from other products
  • High performance
  • Organic nature
  • Ease of use

Home Hydro

Liquisoil is perfect for hobby hydroponic growers:

  • It suits a wide variety of commonly grown food, herbs, decorative, and other plants
  • It is fast and easy to use
  • Self-managing pH
  • Can be safely applied to soil

Liquisoil is safe to use as a hydroponics fertiliser

Third-party laboratory tests confirmed absence of pathogens in Liquisoil.

Food produced with Liquisoil is safe for consumption.

Non-toxic and chemical-free fertiliser

(Not for human or animal consumption)

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Liquisoil is a game-changer for soilless cultivation

Enabling the production of organic produce at any scale

100% Organic input

Derived from compost and humic matter – acting as nutrient-rich natural, healthy soils

Produce environmentally conscious, great tasting organic food — without soil


Easy conversion

Liquisoil is easy to use and simple to apply. It is compatible with existing hydroponic infrastructure thereby avoiding large costs associated with field-based organic conversions

High Performance Formula

LiquiSoil has been carefully developed to include a nutritionally balanced spectrum of elements (up to 93) vs. the standard 20 often found in traditional inorganic solutions

Liquisoil provides optimal combinations of carbon, natural sugars, and growth promoters required for healthy plant growth



Suitable fertiliser for large-scale, boutique, and hobby growers of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, flowers, and many other plants.

Australian-Owned and Operated

SOSBio is based in Brisbane, Australia. We’re a team of scientists educated in agriculture, plant science, engineering, and microbiology – providing a pathway to sustainable agriculture.

Ask our R&D Team Any Questions:

Dr Evgeny Sagulenko

Dr Evgeny Sagulenko

Head of R&D - SOSBio Australia Office

Dr Karin Taylor

Dr Karin Taylor

Senior Scientist - SOSBio Australia Office

Prof Andrei Andreev

Prof Andrei Andreev

Senior Scientist - Vladivostok Office

Dr Nikolay Opanasyuk

Dr Nikolay Opanasyuk

Scientist - Vladivostok Office